Specials before & after the festival

VIS 2013 doesn't just take one day longer than last year - we've also got specials before and after the festival. On May 22nd and 23rd, we pay tribute to the two Austrian avantgarde filmmakers Michaela Grill and Billy Roisz at the Austrian Filmmuseum. From May 24th to 31st, we'll present the first ever short film cinema release by VIS: Two coming of age stories, Erdbeerland by Florian Pochlatko and Landerdbeeren by Esther Bialas, will make for a great Strawberry Double Feature at the Votivkino! And two weeks after the festival, on June 14th, we're hosting the first ever Cat Video Festival Vienna at the Viennese Prater Jesuitenwiese!

Opening Ceremony

Starting off with an extraordinary music video for Brazilian electronic musician Amon Tobin, we invite you to see ten short films, which allow an insight into the festival?s various sections. And this year we have quite a few big names at the ready, including two Cannes-winners: Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Sakda) and Rezan Yesilbas, who also convinced the short film jury. At the end of the first half, Andrew Thomas Huang will spark off a surreal visual firework with Solipsist. The second half of the programme will be opened by this year?s guest of honour, David OReilly, whose absurd animated worlds also sow the seeds for Lucrecia Martel?s robot-like women in Muta. Tom Waits gives A Brief History of John Baldessari, before Johann Lurf?s quiet 16-mm piece Picture Perfect Pyramid contemplates a Vösendorf landmark. Finally a classic takes us to Paris: experiencing Claude Lelouch?s adrenalin storm C?etait un rendez-vous (1976) in the cinema is an absolute must!

Midnight Movies

Our new fixture Midnight Movies beckons you to the dark cinema in the middle of the night on three evenings. PopPorn on Wednesday night makes the start with VIS?s first ever ?porn night?. The flashy, saucy programme suggests that porn is not always the just porn. On Friday we celebrate the ninth birthday of Très chic with recent absurdities from the short film scene, as well as classics and favourites from recent years. In the final midnight extravaganza we will open the dark doors to the subconscious and dispatch you into a world of animated horror in Horrific Animation. Director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival and guest judge Chris Robinson raided his poison cabinet especially for this occasion ? we look forward to a Night of the Loving Dead!

Hosted by VICE

Night of the Light

Following last year?s successful cooperation, VIS and Wien Energie host the short film production competition Night of the Light once again this year. Numerous Viennese film makers accepted the challenge of coming up with 3-minute short films on the topic of ?experiencing energy?. Finally fifteen treatments were chosen, five of which received a 3.000 EUR production budget from Wien Energie for producing the films. The finished works will now be presented at Night of the Light and the best two will be awarded prizes by the jury of five and the audience. Viennese comedy trio maschek will not only be the hosts of the evening, but will also vary the thematic framework through live-synchronisation. And following the awards ceremony there will be a launch party, where DJ Ken Hayakawa will tap into the audience?s energy reserves.

VIS Academy

Political aesthetics, as well as the animated depiction of reality are the focus of two public events hosted by the VIS Academy, which is focussing on film education on multiple levels this year (e.g. with the new youth jury and a special animation workshop). On Wednesday we will juxtapose Beirut Blend, Fritz Ofner?s ?Coffee and Cigarettes?-variation, with the half-hour documentary Another Night by Spanish director David Muñoz in the programme Political Filmmaking: Jarmusch in the Middle East. We will go on to ask both directors where they see the link between the Middle-East issue and Jim Jarmusch?s aesthetics. And on Friday, Italian culture journalist and animation specialist Thomas Martinelli will give a lecture on animated documentary films (AnimaDoc), enhanced with six selected film examples, and will discuss the question of why reality is represented more and more in animated images.

VISitors from the past

VIS has shown 2,391 short films in the past 10 years. Consequently, putting together a programme of highlights for our jubilee edition proved to be quite a challenge. The final result is a colourful mix of audience favourites and insiders? tips. The final choice about which film should make it into the programme was left to you via online-voting ? and you decided on Kommt ein Sonnenstrahl in die Tiefkühlabteilung und weicht alles auf.

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Awards Ceremony

The festival?s glittering culmination, the awards ceremony, will take place at the Künstlerhaus Kino on 2 June, where we will honour this year?s prize-winners. Altogether we will award prizes with a combined worth of just under 20.000 EUR. Additionally to the three main competitions Fiction & Documentary, Animation Avantgarde and the National Competition, there will be a Newcomer?s prize and a prize for the best female director, as well as several audience awards. For the first time we will also award a prize for the best Austrian music video. Following the awards ceremony, there will be a screening of selected award winning films.

Awards Ceremony
and selected award winning films
02.06., 19:30
Künstlerhaus Kino