Strange Days - Ceci n'est pas un film

SUNDAY, June 2nd 2013, 2.30 pm, Künstlerhaus Kino, 80 min

A woman dancing like a butterfly. Two men emerging from the sea with a cupboard. Objects suddenly defying gravity. The ten films in this programme feel unreal, dreamlike, strange, trying to get to the bottom of the contradictions of unreality and reality, the depths of the subconscious. Even if surrealism as an art movement is usually located first and foremost in the 1920ies, the tendency to alienation, mystification, the ?overly real? is much older and runs through the history of cinema like a golden thread. While always keeping one eye on Buñuel?s ?andalucian dog?, we encounter his contemporary Marcel Duchamp, meet Destino, once imagined by Walt Disney and Dalí, take a look at absurd gems by Roman Polanski, Zbigniew Rybcziski und Jan ?vankmajer and finish of with surreal film art from the present.

Presented by The Gap

Loie Fuller

France / 1905 / 2 min 

Gaumont Pathé Archives

Anémic Cinéma

France / 1926 / Marcel Duchamp / 7 min

The copy was provided by the Austrian film museum.


USA 1945/2003 / Salvador Dalí, Dominique Monféry / 7 min

Two men and a wardrobe

Poland / 1958 / Roman Polanski / 15 min

Mein Fenster (My Window)

Austria / 1979 / Zbigniew Rybczy?ski / 3 min

The copy was provided by the archive of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Jídlo (Das kleine Fressen)

Czech Republic / 1992 / Jan ?vankmajer / 16 min

Papillon d'amour

Belgium / 2003 / Nicolas Provost / 4 min

Sinchronizacija (Synchronisation)

Lithuania / 2009 / Rimas Sakalauskas / 8 min


Double Fikret

China / 2012 / Haiyang Wang / 5 min


USA / 2012 / Andrew Thomas Huang / 10 min