Artists in Residence at VIS 2013

With animation artist Momoko Seto and curator Alexei Dmietriev, VIS is proud to welcome two both unique and busy artists in residence in Vienna this year. Seto has gained attention with her experimental animations "PLANET A" and "PLANET Z", while Dmietriev has been successful with "Dubus", a slow dance from classic cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho. Renowned artists as well as good friends, Seto and Dmitriev will definitely make the most of their time in Vienna and inspire everyone involved at VIS.

Momoko Seto

With her hybrid and interdisciplinary works, Japanese artist and film maker Momoko Seto (*1980) has made an excellent name for herself during the course of just a few years. She has been invited to the most renowned film festivals, including Locarno and Rotterdam, to present her experimental animations Planet A and Planet Z, in which she transferred everyday objects into a poetic universe, and won numerous awards. She studied in Marseille and San Francisco, a scholarship additionally took her to the major French educational establishment Le Fresnoy. Today Momoko Seto works in Paris and Tokio, but will make her new film during her residency in Vienna. In addition the artist will also be represented with an exhibition at the ASIFAkeil in the MuseumsQuartier from 8 May ? and her extravagant Seafood-Porn series will make several appearances in the ?VIS Midnight Movies?.

Momoko Seto: PORN - LIKE - SEAFOOD
Exhibition at ASIFAkeil
MQ MuseumsQuartier, quartier21 (electric avenue)
09.05.2013 - 02.06.2013
Daily from 10 am to 10 pm
Free admission

Screening "Planet A" und "Planet Z" by Momoko Seto
"Poolside Lesson: Summer Shorts" at the MQ SummerOpening
08.05.2013, 18.15, 19.30, 20.45

Alexei Dmitriev

Russian film maker, video artist and curator Alexei Dmitriev (*1986) is maybe one of the busiest figures in the international circus of film festivals. His films were screened at over 300 festivals, including Tribeca and Tampere, and his works have been presented at numerous exhibitions, for example at the transmediale or in Los Angeles. As a curator he presents programmes the world over, including a music-video programme for VIS a few years ago as a joint organiser of the Museek Festival. Dmitriev lives and works in St. Petersburg, but will certainly leave his mark in Vienna during his residency.

His sensual rhythm-study Dubus will be shown in the ?10 Years of VIS? programme, he will film a short documentary about the festival and be part of the jury for the music video prize ? finally, the cat lover will also make a fundamental contribution to the Vienna Cat Video Festival! AND on one night, he and Serbian journalist Vladan Petkovic will entertain fellow filmmakers and industry guests talking nonsense on stage, being rude to strangers, embarrassing themselves in front of the ladies, playing YouTube videos and, of course, drinking excessively (quote Dmitriev).

Dubus: A slow dance from classic cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho. The work appropriates and re-edits clips from the Golden Age of Hollywood such as Sun Valley Serenade, Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, On the Waterfront & Citizen Kane. The footage is re-timed in order to complement the new music made by Zelany Rashoho which is a mixture of jazz, electronics and dub.


The Artist-in-Residence program at quartier21 fosters international, project-related exchange and is financed with the aid of private sponsors. Each year, the program is able to invite about 40 artists from other countries to realize joint projects with the resident cultural initiatives on location, consequently promoting the establishment of international networks.

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