Casinos Austria short film grant

We are happy to announce the creation of a new short filmgrant , the Casinos Austria Kurzfilmstipendium. It addresses young Austrian filmmakers under the age of 35 who have stood out with their work in the past. The grant is endowed with 2,500 euros by Casinos Austria and awarded by VIS Vienna Independent Shorts. The first scholar is Mirjam Baker, who - with the means of the grant - also produces a 1 minute short film, Two Papers, to be shown at the opening ceremony of the 10th edition of VIS on May 28, 2013, at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna.

Mirjam Baker was born in Melk in 1985 and studied Physics at the University of Vienna, as well as Telecommunications and Media Studies at the FH St. Pölten. Currently she is studying Animation at the Royal College of Arts in London. In the last years, the 27-year-old not only drew attention to herself with her music videos for bands like Zoot Woman, which she created together with Mike Kren, but also with her enthusiasm and commitment to animated films. The scholarship is meant to animate her to further purse this path undeterred.

Email: mirjam.baker(at)

Two Papers

Mirjam Baker / AT / 2013 / 1 min
graciously supported by Casinos Austria

Director?s Statement

Two Papers is a short love story and simultaneously a quest for a fresh start. Two fragile paper squares move like hands against gravity, we see the strain and the letting go. The film is consciously kept silent and is therefore an already unfamiliar invitation to ?just? look. It is also reduced to the elements of light, shade and texture, which interest me so much, created with the aid of paper as a translucent material.

Festival Statement

The utopia of a love conquering all borders and failing at insurmountable hurdles: an experimental pas-de-deux in light shades of brown is created by two pieces of paper whose overlapping throws darker shadows over the close intimacy. The seemingly familiar letting go could also represent a slipping away, a state of exhaustion within the day-to-day relationship. The poetic, very emotional work has been shown in art house cinemas all over Austria since 1 May as promotion for the festival. Additionally Mrijam Baker will set up an exhibition at the ASIFAkeil in the quartier 21 at the MuseumsQuartier from 3 June.